- Source:  Wiggins, G., & McTighe, J. Understanding by Design. Merrill Prentice Hall: 1998.
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Title: Multipying Binomials                        Subject/Course: Applied Algebra

Topic: Multiplying with Algeblocks  Grade(s): 9-10   Designer(s): Michelle Houston

Stage 1 Desired Results

Established Goal(s)

Use algebra tiles to model the multiplying of binomial factors and monomial factors

Understanding(s) Students will understand that...

1.    finding the area of a rectangle can be used to model the multiplying of polynomials

2.   the distributive property can be used to multiply polynomials


Essential Question(s)

1.       How do you find the product of   polynomials?

2.     How can Algebra Tiles be used to model polynomial multiplication



Students will know...

  • special products of binomials 

  • algebra tiles model the multiplication of polynomials

  • the FOIL method 

  • the distributive property



Students will be able to...

  • Manipulate algebra tiles in a way that models the multiplication of monomial and binomial factors

  • Use the FOIL method to multiply binomials

  • Use the distributive property to multiply polynomials

  • Recognize special products




Stage 2 Assessment Evidence


Performance Task(s) :

1.  Students will work with partners to model the products using algebra tiles
2.  Students will use the FOIL method to find the product of the binomials. 
3.  Students will write a journal entry discussing how the FOIL method and Tile methods are related and how the tile method illustrates the FOIL method.
4.  Students will use the Distributive property to multiply polynomials with 3 or more terms.

Other Evidence

  Display of student work in write-up
         Journal entries
         Written explanations to justify work
         Class discussions
         Teacher observation of students working on tasks
         Chart showing results in the form of tile illustrations
         Comparison of the algebra tiles, the FOIL method,  and Distributive Property




Stage 3 Learning Plan

Step one: Review the meaning of each type of tile in the algebra blocks set.
Step two: Students will use the tiles to multiply the following binomials:
Step three: Students record their answers in step 2
Step four: Students use the FOIL method to multiply the same binomials as in step two, and compare their results.
Step five: Record in their journal how the methods compare in process and in result.