InterMath | Workshop Support

Yasmeen J. Burgess

Class Information
Rockdale Middle School, Tuesday 4:30-8:30

About me
I am presently a Kindergarten Paraprofessional at Peeks Chapel Elementary School in

I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Elementary Education at Mercer University Tift College of Education

I have a B.S. in Computer Information Systems

I have been married 8 years and I have three sons. They are 2 , 4, and 17

I am taking this course as a math refresher.

Some Links I Like

Lesson Plans
Counting with Pennies Lesson
Counting with Pennies spreadsheet

Sorting and Graphing Lesson
Sorting Graph

InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections
Missing Number Write Up
Consecutive Number Write Up
Converting a repeating Decimal to a Fraction
Keeping Pace least common multiple write up
Theater Seating arithmetic sequence
Pascal Triangle Write Up
Lattice Multiplication