Elliot C. Gootman
Department of Mathematics
Room 502, Boyd Graduate Studies Building, UGA

Teaching Assistants:
Chad Galloway,
Evan Glazer,
Summer Brown,

Office telephone: 706-542-2637
Math. Dept. Fax: 706-542-2573


The course will meet its objectives by modeling the use of technologyas a tool for mathematical problem-solving, exploration, investigationand communication. Group work is encourages so that students canmodel for each other. All materials for the course are maintainedon an Internet Web page site and students will create and useweb documents in the course. Students will post the results oftheir explorations and investigations, and will also post explorationsand investigations suitable for use by middle school students.

The following technologies will be used in the course:

Hand Held Calculators such as TI-81, TI-82, or TI-83
Graphing Calculator 3.0 (from
Geometers Sketchpad (from
Spreadsheets (Excel recommended)
Web Page Browser (Netscape 4.76 recommended)
Web Page Authoring Tool (Netscape 4.76 recommended)

No prior knowledge of any of the above technologies is assumed.However, it is assumed that you have access to computers and tothe above tools outside of the Intermath class. The usual expectationof two hours of study outside class for every hour in class isprobably a minimum.

There is no textbook. All assignments will be given and turnedin via the Web.

Grades will be based upon attendance, participation (on the computer,working with others, in class discussions and on investigations),write-ups and lessons.


Karen Caporino
Joy Sapp
Jodie McMichael
Judy Powell
Mike Callinan
Peggy Reigle
Dr. Elliott Gootman


February 26 -- Orientation and Overview

March 5 -- Getting Started

March 12 -- Algebra Patterns

March 19 -- Geometry -- Triangles

March 26-- Number Concepts -- Fractions & Decimals

April 2 -- Spring Break - No Class

April 9-- Data Analysis -- Statistics

April 16 -- Algebra -- Graphing

April 23 -- Geometry -- Circles

April 30 -- Number Concepts -- Ratio, Proportions, & Percent

May 7-- Geometry -- Quadrilaterals

May 14 -- Number Concepts -- Integers

May 21 -- Geometry -- Polygons

May 28 -- Data Analysis -- Probability

June 4-- Algebra -- Functions & Equations

June 11 -- Final Session & Wrap-Up