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Elliot C. Gootman.

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River's Crossing InterMath class, Monday, 4:30-7:30 PM

About me
I am instructor of record for this course. I have been in the math dept at UGA since 1970, and have been involved with the preparation of pre-service and in-service teachers for almost 10 years. My wife has been asking me to make her a Web page for about 3 years now, and after this course (which I am teaching) I hope that I will be able to.

I have also written a user-friendly calculus book, published by Barron's as part of its College Review Series. My wife has written books on Teen Grief, and on Discipline for both parents and for teachers. By using the links below for Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and searching under the name Gootman, you can find reader reviews of our books as well as ordering information..

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my homepage
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Lesson Plans
Link to Lesson Plan 1
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InterMath Write-Ups/Reflections
Infinite Series