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Lesson Plan Number Three


Perfect Square

Find a rational perfect square (e.g., 225/16 - the square of 15/4) which remains a rational perfect square when increased or decreased by 6.

Sixth and seventh grade

We were presented with the Topic problem.  At first the lesson seemed impossible as we were only considering integers.  When we realized we could use all rational numbers, we used Microsoft Excel to make a spreadsheet.  With this realization we quickly came to the conclusion that only one solution was applicable to this problem.  We did not explore any other theories after discussion with Dr. Gootman we felt this problem was basically flawed. 

Lesson Type (lab, demo, worksheet, hands-on, other)

Estimated time
approximately one class period

Resources & Materials
Microsoft excel

NCTM Process Standards
Standard 6:
          1. understand and appreciate the need for numbers beyond the whole numbers
         2.  extend their understanding of whole number operations to fractions, decimals, integers, and rational numbers

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Link to Perfect Square Spreadsheet