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Joy S. Sapp.

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We meet on Mondays from 4:30-7:30. We will be in class until June 11!.

About me!

My teaching career started way back in 1977 after completing my undergraduate degree at UGA. I finished my masters there, too. I taught at Clarke Central High School for four years until our first daughter, Kellie, was born. Kerrie, her sister, was born two years later. I was a full-time mom for four years and then decided to become an entrepeneur. What a great job with a family-No papers to grade and I could pretty much come and go! Lots of lunch dates with my husband, too! I decided to return to teaching five years ago. I enjoy teaching at Oglethorpe County High School.
I teach pre-algebra, applied problem solving, and AP Calculus. 
My husband, Morris, is the senior pastor at Crossroads Church. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this August!

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