INTERMATH | Rational Numbers Workshop


Atlanta Public Schools - September 19, 2007 to December 19, 2007


Program: Rational Numbers - Wednesday
Location: Atlanta Public Schools
Instructor and
Contact Information:
Laurel Bleich


The purpose of this course is for teachers to:

The participants in this course will be expected to:


As a result of this course, participants will demonstrate their ability to:





Wednesday, September 19 - Week 1  Parts             

  1. Introduction to InterMath
  2. Talking Points Quiz
  3. Demo Problem: Introduction to Fraction Bars
  4. Group investigations

    Surrounding Numbers

  5. Individual Investigation

    Land Dispute
    Musical Chairs
    Fractional Parts
    Pandigital Fraction
    Those Fractions in Between

Wednesday, September 26 - Week 2  Parts of Parts

  1. Demo Problem: Let's Operate on Fractions
  2. Group investigations

    Where is that Fraction?

    Fraction Situations

  3. Individual Investigations:

    Exploring Multiplication with Fractions
    What Happens When...
    Can you tell?
    Fraction Figures

Wednesday, October 3 - Week 3   Geometry, Fractions

  1. Demo Problem: Dividing a Rectangle
  2. Group Investigation
    Double Trouble
  3. Individual investigations

    Equal Portions
    Cutting the Cake

Wednesday, October 10 - Week 4  Pesky Parts I

  1. Demo Problems
    Cans and Containers
    Exploring Division with Fractions

  2. Individual investigations

    The Meaning of 1/3
    What does 3 divided by 1/2 look like?

Wednesday, October 17 - Week 5 Pesky Parts II

  1. Group investigations
    Division Pattern
    Jacob's Idea
    Natasha's Idea
    Dueling Speakers

Wednesday, October 24 - Week 6 Decimal Concepts

  1. Demo Problem: Approximate Digit Use
  2. Group Investigations

    Estimating the Point

  3. Individual Investigations

    Nonrepeating Decimals
    Creating Integers
    Unit fractions: Terminating, Repeating, or Never-ending
    What coins?
    Money Puzzle
    Difficult Change

Saturday, November 3 (tentative) - Week 7  Decimal Models

  1. Demo Problem: Representing Decimals
  2. Group Invesigations

    Moving the Point
    Decimal Division
    Modeling Multiplication

  3. Individual Investigations

    Spending it all
    Library Fines
    Decimal Products

Wednesday, November 7 - Week 8  Percents

  1. Group Investigations

    Beaker Comparison
    Predicting the Value of a House

  2. Individual Investigations

    Discounting Cars
    Raising Salaries
    Choosing a Loan
    It's on Lacey
    Drinking Coca-Cola

Wednesday, November 14 - Week 9  Sum Difference

  1. Demo Problem: Mathopia Farm
  2. Group Investigations

    Geometric Sequences and Series
    Johnny's Rule

  3. Individual Investigations

    Making Unit Fractions
    Adding Fractions
    Proper Fraction Fury
    Splitting Fractions in Two
    What Happens When...

Wednesday, November 28 - Week 10 Ratios

  1. Group Investigations

    Adding Ratios
    Which is Larger?
    Jumping Monkeys
    Ratio of a + b to b + c

  2. Individual Investigations

    Boys and Girls in the Class
    Mathematics Football Players
    Comparing Properties
    Students in the Class
    Building Roofs
    Laurel's Muffins

Wednesday, December 5 - Week 11  Proportional Simulations

  1. Demo Problem: Drink Mixes
  2. Group Investigations

    Math & Cookies
    Proportions and Graphs

  3. Individual Investigations

    Maximum Capacity
    Shopping for Soup
    Which Movie is Best?
    Fair Share

Wednesday, December 12 - Week 12  Inverse Proportions

  1. Demo Problem: Inversely Proportional
  2. Group Investigations

    Exploring Rectangle Properties

  3. Individual Investigations

    Camera Lens Aperture
    Volume and Pressure

Wednesday, December 19 - Week 13  Geometry & Rational Numbers

  1. Demo Problem: Volume & Surface Area of a Cube
  2. Group Investigations

    Intersecting Chords
    Paper Folding

  3. Individual Investigations

    Triangle in a Quadrilateral
    Triangles in a Trapezoid
    Proportional Rectangles

Week 14  Probability and Rational Numbers

  1. Group Investigations
    Getting Free
    Varying Probabilities

  2. Individual Investigations

    Unfair Coins
    Triangle Inside a Parallelogram
    Medial Probabilities
    Increasing Your Chances
    Adding Marbles
    Sum of the Dice
    Bonus Free Throws

  3. Posttest