Source:  Wiggins, G., & McTighe, J. Understanding by Design. Merrill Prentice Hall: 1998.
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Title: ___________________________ Subject/Course: ____________________________ Topic: __________________ Grade(s): _______ Designer(s): _______________________

Stage 1 Desired Results

Established Goal(s)

(enter goals here)

Understanding(s) Students will understand that...

1.      (these items will be numbered automatically)


Essential Question(s)

1.      (these items will be numbered automatically




Students will know...



Students will be able to...



Stage 2 Assessment Evidence


Performance Task(s) Summary in G.R.A.S.P.S. form

1.       (enter bulleted items here)


Key Criteria:

(enter key criteria here)

Other Evidence

(enter other evidence here)OE



Stage 3 Learning Plan

Learning Activities Consider the W.H.E.R.E.T.O. elements.


1.       (enter numbered learning activities here)