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Instructions on Confirming Users

  1. Create an ID on the InterMath website.

  2. Contact an InterMath administrator to change your id to be an "Instructor":
    Either contact Laurel Bleich (laurelb@uga.edu), Dr. Chandra Orrill (corrill@uga.edu), or intrmath@uga.edu to do this so you can confirm the users in your class.

  3. On the first night of class, have all the participants register on the InterMath website.

  4. Confirm users, and update users as needed by going to Workshop Materials and next to the Instructor Section title, click on Go to admin/instructor page!

  5. Enter in your email address and password in the appropriate boxes.  The following screen will appear.


  6. Click on Confirm newly registered users.   The following screen will appear.

  7. Click in the Confirm? Box for all the users that will be in your class – remember to only click on YOUR registered users.  There might be other classes going on.   Then click on the Confirm button to activate their account.