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Directions for Managing Your Portfolio

(i.e. Write-up, Lesson Plans, and Homepage Templates)

**Note: Before downloading any documents, make sure you are a registered user with InterMath, and on your local computer create a folder, preferably on the desktop to put all your files you will be downloading. This is where all of your files will be store, so you have one folder to work from.

  1. Go to the Portfolio Guidance page: http://intermath.coe.uga.edu/workshop/homepg.htm
  2. Move your mouse over the desired template, but do not click on the link.
  3. If using Windows: click the right mouse button and a popup menu will appear.   If using a Mac: hold down the Control button and click the mouse button.
  4. Select the Save Link As or Save Target As menu option.
  5. A Save As dialog box will appear.  Rename the file (i.e. use your first initial last name - John Smith becomes jsmith.htm- whensaving your Homepage).  Save the file in the folder you created.  It is important to save the each file, either write-ups, lesson plans, or home page in the same location.


  1. Open of MS Word.  It is very important that you first open MS Word rather than double clicking on the jsmith.htm.  If you doubleclick on the file jsmith.htm, it will open in an internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape) in which you are UNABLE to make any changes. 
  2. In MS Word, select from the menu bar:  File/Open. 
  3. An open dialog box appears, find and select the jsmith.htm file.
  4. You are now able to make changes to your homepage. 
    1. Enter in the appropriate information in the Name, Class Information, and About me  sections.  For example, you can put the dates and times when your InterMath class meets for the Class Information and where, what subject, and how long you have been teaching in the About Me section.
    2. For the Some Links I Like section, you can just time in the url addresses of the web sites like you like,   such as:


      MS Word automatically recognizes this as an internet address and links it for you.

    3. For the Lessons Plans and InterMath Write-ups/Reflection sections, you will need to create the links to your documents.  First, type the text that you want to appear on your homepage. Typically, it is the name of the Write-up/Investigation (Penning for Pony). (It is not recommended that you use Investigation 1, Investigation 2,...) 
      And then go on to section about Making Links.

      ** To include a corresponding GSP file, or Excel file along with your investigation, make another link from your homepage to that particular file. 
  5.  Save your work and upload your homepage to the server. 

** Remember to Save often!!


  1. Download the write-up template to your Desktop. Follow the procedures above but right click on Template for creating your write-ups (Word)
  2. Save the file in your folder on the desktop.
  3. Open up MS Word and then open the writeup.doc file. 
  4. Now, save the file as a different name:  Select File/Save As from the menu bar and when the Save As window appears type the name of the investigation, such as penningpony.doc
  5. In the Write-up file, there are descriptions of what each section is about.  Remember to delete the descriptions when typing up your write-up. 
  6. Editing the lesson plan template is very similar to the writeup.
  7. Save your work and upload your homepage to the server.

** Remember to Save often!!


    • Highlight the words that you want to have linked.  

      For example, if I investigated Penning for Pony and wanted to link my write up, named penningpony.doc on my homepage. I type 'Penning for Pony' under the InterMath Writeups/Reflections section and then highlight with my mouse 'Penning for Pony'
    • Move your mouse OVER the highlighted text and right click.
    • A popup menu bar appears, and select Hyperlink located near the bottom of the menu.  
    • An Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.   In the Link to text box, type it the name of the file you want to link.  

      For example, in the example above,  I would type in penningpony.doc

      If you want to link a corresponding Excel or GSP file with a particular investiagtion, type a description in your homepage, such as "Penning for Pony Excel Spreadsheet".  Go through the same process above to Hyperlink, and for the Link to part put the corresponding Excel file:  penningpony.xls
    • Click ok.